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5 Ways To Engage Your Kids In Active Learning During The Holidays

5 Ways To Engage Your Kids In Active Learning During The Holidays

5 ways to engage your kids in active learning during the holidays

Yay! The holiday is here again, and everyone is feeling excited. It's another season of more family time, no school activities, and maximum fun for kids. Parents enjoy their little ones; company and may even take this as an opportunity to introduce them to distant family and friends. However, as a parent, you always want your sunshine to keep learning, even during the holidays. So what do you do? You simply keep them engaged with fun learning activities during the holidays. Below are some of the most effective holiday activities children can learn from while having fun.

1. Home chores

Yes, home chores! If you've always wanted your kids to learn how to cook, bake, fold laundry, wet plants, iron clothes, and do other home tasks, holidays are the best period for that. Besides helping them learn basic life skills, doing these tasks with them can help you bond and become more involved in
their lives.

Learning isn't limited to formal school activities, so teaching your kids these simple things can also be a good way to develop their mental strength and problem-solving skills. Make sure to assign tasks according to their ages and reward them from time to time for being creative. You can even set a completion time for each activity to help them learn time management and think faster while having fun during the holidays.

2. Regular visitations

Learning in the school environment often involves more theory than practical. Your kids might have learned about different places and objects, but they may not know what these things and places look like. Holidays are a wonderful time to improve their learning by making it more practical. There are many places you can visit to enhance your little ones; learning and keep them productively engaged in a more practical sense.

You can visit the zoo, library, museum, airport, train stations, and other educational places to show them what these places really are and the things within them. Some kids may even develop an interest in specific careers due to such visitations and grow up to become excellent personnel in the field. Make sure to listen to their questions and curiosities, as kids are naturally curious when they gain a new experience.

3. Sporting Activities

Does your child know how to cycle, swim, play basketball, table tennis, and other sports? Now that school activities are off their to-do list, it's time to teach them these sporting activities. Sports improve their confidence and boost their moods, which in turn helps them perform better at school. Additionally, teaching them how to swim, cycle, and so on isn't only good for their mental development,
but it can also help their bodies grow healthier. Children who engage in more physical activities are less likely at risk of obesity and tend to enjoy other benefits such as:

 increased cardiovascular fitness
 improved personal skills, e.g., leadership skills
 enhanced coordination and balance
 stronger bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons
 improved teamwork skills

4. Reading sessions

Did you know that reading with your child can significantly improve their reading skills and make them fall in love with books? Whether it's bedtime stories for younger kids or classical novels for older ones, there's so much benefit in reading with your damsel. A few of these benefits are:

 improved cognitive development
 increased concentration and discipline
 enhanced creativity and imagination skills
 improved language skills

Older kids can boost their writing skills when they have a structured reading pattern where they read and give a report of what they've learned so far. Having good reading skills and being in love with books are two crucial life skills everyone needs to succeed.

Community service

Lastly, engage in community services or volunteer works to teach your kids the importance of selflessness and empathy. When kids learn to give back to others, they are more able to build healthy relationships with family and friends. Plus, they become large-hearted and appreciate every little blessing in life.

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