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5 Hacks That Keep Your Kids Engaged When Working From Home

5 Hacks That Keep Your Kids Engaged When Working From Home

Hacks to keep your kids engaged when working from home

Working from home is the dream of many. The freedom, flexibility, and comfort it brings are a few of the major reasons most people prefer the remote lifestyle. More interestingly, you no longer have to deal with the traffic hassle of transporting to and from work every day when you join the remote world.
However, with all the goodies of working from home, it doesn't come without its challenges, especially for people with kids.

Drawing a clear line between family time and work time becomes daunting
because you're in the same environment with your kids, and they tend to be a huge distraction and hindrance to your productivity. If this describes your situation and you're looking for hacks to help keep your kids creatively engaged
while you focus on your work, here's our foolproof suggestion:

1. Exercise or Yoga Practice

You can make your kids begin their day by watching exercise or yoga videos and following the moves. Doing this will not only give you room to be more productive in the morning, but it will also offer health benefits to your little ones.
If you're a morning person, this strategy can help you use your peak hours to complete essential tasks, especially during the holidays when they are around 24/7.

2. DIY projects

There are tons of creative and fun DIY projects online to keep your kids busy while you're working. Nonetheless, it's best to offer them ideas that suit their personal interest to make the projects more enjoyable. One easy way to know their interests is by asking or showing them a variety of projects and asking them
to make their choice. Some common DIY projects for kids are:

 sculpting 3D objects with plaster cloth
 setting up an airport
 building a tall tower with toothpicks.
 etc.

3. Educational videos

Yes, you can keep your little ones busy with educational games and videos while you get all the time to complete various tasks. Create a collection of educational videos and have them on your smart devices. Adjust the video player settings so that it automatically plays the next video once the current one ends.
Boom! You've already kept your little loves distracted with educational videos.

4. Arts and Crafts

Kids love art, no doubt. From sketching to coloring, they can spend all day displaying their creativity skills with just a coloring book and a marker. Get them these two items, and you can buy yourself more time to attend to other activities.
To make things more fun, tell them to paint their favorite cartoon hero and watch just how gifted kids can be.

5. Doing Chores

Instead of worrying about having a pile of chores to do while still rushing to meet work deadlines, let your kids take some of these chores off your to-do list by delegating tasks to them. These may seem like simple tasks, but when you imagine their impact on helping you stay focused and keeping your kids
productively busy, you will understand why we included them in the list.
Examples of simple household tasks to delegate to your little ones include:

 socks matching
 putting away their clean clothes
 filling pet's food dish
 putting clothes in the hamper
 wiping up spills
 etc.

If you have more mature kids, say five years and above, you can tell them to:

 make their bed
 clear the table
 empty wastebaskets
 pull weeds in the garden
 bring in mail or newspaper
 etc.

Doing this will also help your kids learn to be responsible and relieve you of some stress. Make sure to praise them for their service and offer candies once in a while as a token of appreciation. You'd be surprised how far your praise can go in making them feel appreciated and fall in love with doing these things.

Finally, ensure you create a dedicated home office that helps set clear boundaries, separating work time from family time. Your kids will gradually become used to focusing on their play and allowing you to work whenever they see you're in your office.

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