Our Story

GiGi Trendz is an online clothing store for children founded by my husband, son and I in 2018. GiGi Trendz offers a wide variety of designs, styles, and high-quality apparel for children aging newborns to 6.

 Our family entrepreneurial venture has a strong sentimental attachment for us. My husband and I desired to have a daughter we would name GiGi, but infertility issues prevented the conception process.

We established GiGi Trends during a process of self-healing It brought us so much joy seeing beautiful baby clothes that expectant parents would post online. We became inspired to dress children in beautiful clothing that we could see our daughter wearing.

 We understand the amount of love, affection and care you give your little ones. GiGi Trendz ensures the highest quality of customer experience and customer satisfaction will be our top priority.

Building our brand has been an emotional and empowering experience for the three of us. We hope that the joy it is brings us will help bring joy to each of you.